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Yes, very enjoyable service. I did spend some time looking at the website trying to figure out if they were reputable, but when I found the website and saw that they had video reviews everywhere, I knew this was a reputable doll manufacturer. I have used many masturbators and while they are fun, they have nothing in common with sex dolls. It was much more exciting for me to look down and see a perfect doll with so much detail it was crazy. It’s wonderful to see her breasts jiggle as you penetrate her.

BestLoveSexDoll: Site Review

Yes, I like the site! Perfect breasts, tits, belly, ass, vagina and anus in just the right places. The lingerie and even regular clothes look perfect on her and are recommended for an immersive experience. She is also a great cuddler for those who have trouble falling asleep or just want a sexy partner to share the night with. Last, but very importantly, she is a heavy doll. It’s definitely a workout, but worth every moment.